Maru Ehitus AS

Maru Ehitus is a subsidiary of the MARU holding company established in 2000. Our goal is to provide high-quality services that meet our clients’ expectations.
Our expertise includes general contracting, project management and design services.

In order to guarantee high-quality construction and design services to the clients, we apply the following principles:


We plan our activities and assure sufficient resources in order to achieve our goals and fulfill quality, environmental and  work safety requirements.


We believe that all the employees at Maru Ehitus affect the efficiency and quality of the company’s work. We believe that the regular improvement of the employee’ skills and knowledge is a precondition for providing high-quality services. We value motivated and educated workers and promote individual development.


We believe that mutually beneficial relations increase the ability of all the parties to create value.


Satisfied clients are very important to us, therefore, we try to find the best solutions that conform to the
clients’ requirements today and in the future.


We place great importance on a quality management system that is up-to-date and continually improved based on management-based supervision.


We pay great attention to work safety and environmentally friendly activities, in order to guarantee a pleasant and safe work environment.

Our management system has been declared worthy of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificates by Kiwa Inspecta.


Based on the standard ISO 9001 and in order to ensure the successful functioning of the organisation, Maru Ehitus AS has built up and implemented an effective quality management system. In order to keep the system up-to-date, the company plans continuous improvements and considers the needs of all parties of interest.


The requirements of the ISO 14001 standard are integrated into the management system at Maru Ehitus AS, enabling the development and implementation of environmental policies and objectives that take into account the requirements set forth by legislation and guidelines about various significant environmental issues.

We monitor our activities through processes and their mutual effects, which means that our system can be called a process-oriented approach. The success of a system is determined by the devotion of employees from all levels of the organisation as well as the involvement of different departments and the management team. As a result, the company has developed an environmental policy, established objectives and processes for realising goals set within the environmental policy and initiated activities that improve the firm’s overall results.

In relation to the company’s activities, the environmental policy starts with an appraisal or assessment of environmental aspects and the consequent risks. This is a key activity of the environmental management system, as it is under the control and influence of the company.

Occupational Health and Safety

The ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system is also integrated into the company’s process-oriented management system, and is used to manage activities relating to the occupational health and safety of the company’s employees and other parties related to the firm.

The purpose of occupational health and safety in the management system of the company is to diminish the risks involved in working on construction sites and in the office through continuous monitoring.

Upon description of activities relating to occupational health and safety, Maru Ehitus AS is guided by the environmental risks identified during the risk analysis process, the principles of continuous improvement and requirements of current legislation.

We commit ourselves to follow these principles in our work (the 10 commandments of safety):

  • all employees receive health and safety instruction (training)
  • all employees have regular health check-ups
  • suitable personal protective equipment is provided to all employees
  • risk assessment
  • we follow “Internal guidelines and regulations” on construction sites
  • all employees working on sites receive the booklet „AS Maru Ehitus quick reference for persons at the construction site“
  • emergency preparedness plan for every site
  • there is an employee trained in first aid and workplace safety on every site
  • it is every employee’s responsibility to stop work that they believe is dangerous to themselves and/or to co-worker
  • internal site inspections on all sites on a regular basis