Maru's design unit offers a comprehensive service.

  • We help the client to prepare the initial design task,
  • we create the initial draft plan and
  • prepare all other design stages: we draw up the preliminary design, detailed design and working documents and, if necessary, shop drawings.

Design criteria and building permits

We are also happy to assist with the application for design criteria and building permits.

We operate in all design areas, such as

  • architecture,
  • design of structures or
  • specific parts of the building (heating, ventilation, cooling, water supply, sewerage, high and low current, automation, gas and heat supply, fire-extinguishing systems).

In cooperation with partners we also design specific systems of the building, such as compressed air, gas or foam extinguishing and much more.

Upon the request of the client we are also ready to complete the design in parts.

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A good design starts from coordinated management. Design management or main design is our strength. Our experienced design managers take care that the final result

  • is consistent with the expectations and initial task of the client,
  • complies with standards and legislation and
  • is free of conflicts and clashes and is buildable.

We have a long-term experience in the design of commercial real estate, be it

  • complex production buildings,
  • large or small warehouse buildings,
  • shopping centres,
  • offices,
  • stadiums or
  • specific solutions such as port ramps, support frames for production equipment and foundations.

Check out the works we have done.

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Modern work procedures and software

We use the most modern work procedures and software. Since 2015 we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to prepare designs. We agree with the client regarding the level of detail of the geometry and information of the design model.

View more information about Building Information Modelling.


Experienced design managers ensure the result

Two objectives of the main design

The primary objective of the main design is to ensure that

  • the wishes of the client are reflected in the design documentation and
  • that the solutions are rational, the design complies with the requirements and is buildable.

To achieve this, the design managers of Maru Ehitus stand alongside the client from preparing initial drafts.

The second objective of the main design is to make the life of the client as easy as possible: solutions are developed by the designers and the client receives information on the progress of the work from our design manager.


Our principles

In design, our philosophy is that a building is needed for the activities in it. Therefore, we will find the best technical solution for the client,

  • based on the client’s (production) technology, spatial planning, placement of shelves, etc., and
  • taking into account also the future needs, as the building must last both physically and morally for several decades for the activities in it.

Costs under control

Maru Ehitus AS has a solid knowledge base of construction prices and technology thanks to long-term experience and support from the construction team. For clients who want to keep their investment under control, we will monitor the construction costs of the building on an ongoing basis during the design process.

4. BIM

Design of structures

Maru Group has been designing structures since 1991.

In addition to the general contracting and design service, our group also provides steel production and installation services and concrete work. Thus, we have a good idea of the possibilities of production and construction in the design process, which enables us to provide the client with an optimal design service.

The design of the structures is provided together with the main design and also as a separate subcontracting.

Our team of engineers designs steel, concrete, composite as well as wood structures.

The core of our team of constructors has over 20 years of experience in the field. They are supported by designers, modellers, technicians and trainees – we consider supporting new generation and the development of the construction engineering to be very important.

We have been using BIM concept (Building Information Modelling) to design building structures since 2005.

The designs are created in the Tekla Structures program as detailed three-dimensional models. We also offer dimensioning structures and perform assembly calculations using modern software (StaadPRO, Robot Structural Analysis, RAM Connection, IDEA Statica).

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Building Information Modelling

Since 2015, Maru Ehitus AS prepares all designs in Building Information Modelling (BIM). This means that we use model design in all design stages of the building. The building information or BIM model provides better visualisation of reality than the three-dimensional drawing and in addition it simplifies the cooperation of different actors in the design.

The building information model

  • helps to avoid rework on construction site,
  • accelerates the design and construction process and
  • provides the client with a design that facilitates the management of the completed building.

We create an accurate building information model, which includes even fasteners for example. The parts of the building in the model provide information on the properties, dimensions, location of the materials and much more.

The building information model can also be used by the client in the future during the management, maintenance, renovation and expansion of the building.

We use following software to create the original model: ArchiCad, Revit, Tekla Structures, MagiCad, CadsPlanner, etc. We create composite models using the Trimble Connect program.

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Certified specialists

Our design managers and designers are members of Estonian Association of Civil Engineers and they have professional certificates on EQF levels 7th and 8th. In addition, Maru Design is a member of Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies. We are devoted to develop the field of civil engineering.

Our management, environment management and HSE management systems are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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