Margo Dengo, CEO of Maru Ehitus, participated in W.EG. Eesti “Major Client Strategy Day”

Our good client W.EG. Eesti held a grand conference “Major Client Strategy Day” on August 11, at Endla Theatre in Pärnu. In addition to lively interlude clips, professional actors and entertainers, several experts in their field were invited to the stage, who gave an overview of the current situation in the economy. Margo Dengo, CEO of Maru Ehitus, participated in a panel discussion on construction and real estate together with Tõnu Toompark and Ero Viik. Most important keywords from the real estate panel:

  • The loan servicing of companies and individuals is very exemplary.
  • The residential real estate market has fallen sharply from its peak and recovered a little in the spring. From here on, we don’t see a quick jump, but at the same time, we don’t see a reason for a drastic decline either.
  • The construction price has come down by 10…15% from the peak made last summer. We don’t see a rapid continued decrease or increase in construction prices, rather there is an expectation of stabilization.

Thank you, W.EG. Eesti, for organizing the event and interesting conversations!

Photos: Silver Gutmann