About company


Maru THM OÜ is an Estonian-based business entity that was established in 1998, and mainly active in the area of assembling construction components. Since 2006, the company has been a subsidiary of Maru Ehitus AS. Its team consists of thoroughly trained professionals with vast working experience.

Our working principles:

  • We fulfil the wishes of our clients
  • We follow high construction quality requirements

With experience, high-quality construction materials, professional tools and trustworthy lifting equipment, we can guarantee the high quality of our work. We specialise in the assembly of construction components and our clients can count on reasonably priced, quick, high-quality results.

Our main fields include:

  • Installation of mountable steel components and frameworks for industrial facilities, office buildings and warehouses
  • Installation of mountable reinforced concrete components
  • Installation of profiled sheet metal
  • Installation of mountable sandwich-type light panels
  • Installation of technological equipment
  • Installation of sheet metal finishing fillets

Registrations for Maru THM OÜ in the Register of Economic Activities

  • Building (general building) EH10377059-0001
  • Construction surveying (geodetic work, geodetic survey, engineering-technical geodesy work) EEG000457

Certificates issued to Maru THM OÜ

  • Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control EN 1090

Licence issued by Estonian Land Board

  • Geodetic and cartographic works (topographic survey of territories and other except geodetic works on building sites) – licence no 778 MA

Certificates and licences