Steel Structures and Staircases Delivery and Erection for the Extension Works for Three Local Elementary Schools

AS Maru Metall produced several PVC hangars which were installed in Sweden. The dimensions of the hangars were: 40x40x6,5 1pc; 37x66x6 1pc; 35x40x6,5 2pcs.

AS Maru Metall produced a huge PVC Hangar with dimensions 40x120x11m for export to Sweden.

AS Maru Metall produced a PVC Hangar to export to Sweden (dimensions 25x40x7m and 22 tons). The PVC Hangar will be used as a swimming pool.


In summer 2016 Maru Metall AS and Andritz Oy signed an agreement to produce steel structures for a Bark Stoage in Sweden. The agreement covers about 150 T of manufacturing steel constructions. In addition Maru delivered gratings, steps, handrails, plywood etc.


Drawings, production and assembly of wind power park substation masts