Maru Ehitus supports the Blue Hepatica Campaign

Maru Ehitus supports the Blue Hepatica Campaign (Sinilillekampaania) “Let Us Salute!” that traditionally takes place in April, which is carried out by the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization (Naiskodukaitse) and the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (MTÜ Eesti Vigastatud Võitlejate Ühing). To celebrate the cooperation and support the campaign, the Maru Ehitus team participated in the Blue Hepatica charity run (Sinilillejooks). After the sporty kick-off, the campaign month continues with the wearing of Blue Hepatica flowers, be it a pin, a shopping bag or a reflector. Let Us Salute!

The Blue Hepatica Campaign “Let Us Salute!” is inviting people to wear the Blue Hepatica pin in recognition of veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League of Estonia. The campaign runs from April 1 to April 30. During this period, the Blue Hepatica pin can be purchased as a donation at several stores: COOP, Selver, R-Kiosk, Apollo, Karupoeg Puhh, Myfitness sports clubs, Apotheka e-pharmacy and Circle K gas stations.