Väo Combined Heat and Power Plant

Customer:KMG Inseneriehituse AS
Location:Väo, Harjumaa, Estonia
Capacity:360 T
Project manager:Madis Tuuling

Steel is suitable for the construction of industrial buildings because of its practicality and rapid construction. By building with steel, it is easy to take the needs of future production into account. When designing industrial buildings, it is very important to adapt the frame of the building to the client’s equipment. Since Maru Metall also provides designs for metal structures and the preparation of product drawings as a supplementary service, we can have no problem coping with complicated technological projects.


The production of the steel structures for the Väo Combined Heat and Power Plant were complicated by the large volume and short completion deadline of the project. Installation was made more difficult by the necessity to install the framework one floor at time, simultaneously with the equipment for the power plant.

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