Väo soojuse ja elektri koostootmisjaam

Customer: KMG Insenerehitus AS, Maru Metall AS
Location: Tooma 14 / Väomurru 1, Tallinn
Capacity: 400 tons of steel


The Väo CHP plant is one of the largest structures of its kind in Estonia. The relatively rapid time schedule for installation and the execution of the work during the winter, made the
project quite intense. To date, this has been the highest structure that we have built (highest surface 34 m above ground).

Work is carried out by Maru THM OÜ


Järvevana tee 5,
10132 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 650 8840
Fax: +372 650 8849
E-mail: thm@maru.ee