Concrete Works of Refuse-Derived Fuel Plant for Ragn-Sells

Customer:AS Maru Ehitus
Location:Suur-Sõjamäe 31A, Tallinn
Project manager:Timo Genergard


Ragn-Sells RDF Plant is unique in a way that it is capable of recycling 85% of handled waste. The technology of this refuse derived fuel plant sets all new standards in the entire Scandinavia. As a result, the high quality waste fuel supply could be used by different boiler plants in Estonia and abroad.

Design and construction of the Ragn-Sells refuse derived fuel plant was a complicated task that required the utmost reponsibility, effort and learning ability of the entire Maru team. Complex technology forced strict requirements to general construction and cooperation between different international parties. BIM modeling, that is still very uncommon in Estonia, was applied in design process. Construction procedure involved various lean construction techniques.

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