Loovälja Industrial Park


Loovälja tee 7, Liivamäe küla, Jõelähtme vald, Harjumaa

Industrial Park is located 1 km from Tallinn, by the St. Petersburg Road in Jõelähtme parish.

Property type: Commercial / Logistics

Modern industrial park has been developed.

Building rights:

Total area of plots: 136 100 sqm
Building area: 46 120 sqm
Number of storeys: -2/4
Maximum building height: 17 metres

Additional information:

Veiko Taevere
Project Manager of Real Estate Development
Phone: +372 503 3058

Work is carried out by Maru Ehitus AS

Maru Ehitus AS

Järvevana tee 5
10132 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 657 5850
Fax: +372 657 5851
E-mail: ehitus@maru.ee