Container solutions



Datacenters are constructed and designed according to TIER 2 TIA standards.


The container is capable of working in outside temperatures ranging from -50 °C to + 50°C. The container is capable of maintaining storage conditions – required parameters for 24h work without an external power source (electric or diesel). Storage conditions can be remotely controlled and monitored from a computer. Installation time is 4 hours and disassembly time is 12 hours.

Technology and equipment:

Size of the datacenter fitted into the container is up to 40m2
Independent worktime is 24 hours
UPS power up to 160 kW
Heating system power up to 40 kW
Cooling power up to 60 kW, 12 x device cabinet 1100 x 600 mm
Network distribution cabinet with automatic distribution
Gas based fire extinguisher system NOVEK
Monitoring system Zabbix

  • 40'DC_Kpic2_E
  • 40F-AT-1
  • 40F-AT-2

Work is carried out by subsidiary MDSC Systems OÜ

MDSC Systems OÜ

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