Container solutions

Command center


3 in 1 expandable command post shelters include top line technology for all kinds of rescue operations. When expanded, the area is 36m2. The assembled section is constructed so that it can be expanded on a truck or a trailer. The container can be assembled in 30 minutes by two people.

The container can be connected to an external power grid or a generator and it can be transported with all bigger types of transport.


The command center ensures a round the clock opportunity to work continuously in crisis situations. Command centers have 16 workstations, all of them equipped with suitable technology and tools, according to the needs and role of the workers.

Technology and equipment:

Diesel generator 18kW, air heat pump, dehumidifier, fire extinguisher, drinking water dispenser, UPS, camera, laptops, weather station, notification system, touchscreen monitors and much more.

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