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Mobile Andrology office


Mobile Andrology office enables executing prostate checkups to discover changes as early as possible. Sideways expandable solutions provide two separate workrooms with a total room area of 25m2. In the transport position the needed space for carriage remains 5500 by 1600 mm, where all the needed equipment is fixed and stored. The structure is fastened to a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 3500 kg.


The andrology office has an ultrasound machine, body analyzer, centrifuge and uroflow (urine analyzer).

Technology and equipment:

Area 24m2; Generator 2 kW + 1kW UPS; Air heat pump; Webasto diesel heater; WiFi; Modular furniture; 24V LED light panels; WC.

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Work is carried out by subsidiary MDSC Systems OÜ

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