Maru Ehitus signed a construction contract with Combiwood OÜ for the reconstruction of the existing PVC hangar

On March 25, 2021, Maru Ehitus AS and Combiwood OÜ signed a construction contract for the conversion of the existing PVC hangar into an insulated production building. Combiwood OÜ is located in Möldre, Helme parish, Valga county and it is an Estonian wood industry company whose main activity is manufacturing quality wooden mouldings finished with primer and surface paint.

The works are scheduled to be completed in August 2021.  

Maru THM OÜ will start the erection of steel structures for the roof gallery of the REDI Lumo One office building in Helsinki in April-May. Erection works will take place 130 meters above the ground, thus being the first project for Maru THM OÜ to be carried out at such a high level.

The structures are designed by Maru Ehitus AS.