About us

A reliable partner since 1991. We have extensive experience in our fields of activity in Estonia and other European countries.

About the company

The company was established in 1991.

Since 1991 we have designed and built over half a million square metres of production and warehouse facilities and technological buildings all over the world.

MARU is a holding-type parent company, the main activity of which is coordination of the activities of its subsidiaries and development and management of real estate.

The group consists of 10 subsidiaries and 2 associates.

Vision and values

We help to fulfil dreams (Meie Aitame Realiseerida Unistusi)

Shaping dreams. Our activities are based on a client-oriented approach. We deliver reliable solutions with high-quality execution.


We value and maintain a trustworthy partnership at all stages of the process.

Modern attitude

We are open and creative in elaborating and executing engineering-technical solutions.

We implement new technologies and work methods. We use BIM technology.


We value quality and professionalism in one’s field, which relies on taking responsibility for one’s activities.